YAQI’s “Imma Do Me” Empowers With The Message Of Self-Love

In her latest release, “Imma Do Me,” talented Pop artist, YAQI, delivers a powerful message of self-acceptance that resonates with her core beliefs. The accompanying music video portrays the importance of disregarding the opinions and criticisms of others and staying true to oneself. It highlights the journey towards self-love, which involves learning to differentiate between genuine advice and mere judgment. 

From the onset of the project, YAQI and the director shared a vision for the music video. Drawing from her background in acting, the singer aimed to create a compelling character for herself, one that aligns with her artistic identity. She envisioned a woman who is fearless, dangerous, feisty, sexy, but at the same time comfortable in her own skin. 

As for the concerns regarding the inclusion of guns in the video, the artist admits she was worried about potential negative interpretations at first. But, YAQI firmly believed that the use of a weapon was about developing the character and not promoting violence. The story justifies her bold actions, physically confronting the unfaithful boyfriend and engaging in acts of revenge. 

While the events may exist only within her imagination, the underlying message emphasizes the importance of addressing challenges and staying true to oneself in everyday life. YAQI’s commitment to her beliefs shines through the visuals of “Imma Do Me,”  as she unapologetically expresses her individuality and inspires others to do the same.

Watch the official music video for “Imma Do Me” below:

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