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By placing an ad with us, you can guarantee your presence on our channels. However, to ensure transparency,
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Press Release

If you choose to submit a press release to us, it will be published on our website and distributed
to various music news blogs. These blogs will decide whether or not to feature your story, similar to a Cision blast
or press push. Our press release system provides you with the opportunity to not only appear on our site but also
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By submitting your song, story, article, or release to us, our editor team will review your submission comprehensively.
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    Original music only

    We exclusively accept original music submissions. Please refrain from submitting
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    Mastered music

    We require professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered tracks to be submitted.

    Complete tracks

    Kindly send us full-length tracks to provide us with a complete understanding of your music style.

    Correct file format

    Please submit your music in either MP3 or WAV format. Alternatively, if your music is already
    distributed, please provide us with the streaming link from the platform it is on.

    One track per submission

    Please submit only one track per submission. If you have multiple tracks
    that you would like us to consider, please submit them individually.

    Original music only

    Please ensure that your music does not violate any copyright or intellectual property rights.
    We will not feature any music that violates laws or ethical standards.

    Follow up politely

    If you do not hear back from us within 2 weeks, you are welcome to follow up politely. However,
    please keep in mind that we receive a high volume of demands, and we guarantee to respond to all submissions.

    Thank you for taking our platform into account. We’re excited to have the opportunity to hear your music!

    Editorial policy

    At MixtapeMixUp, we strive to create content that is informative, engaging, and relevant to our readers. To maintain the highest level of quality and integrity, we have established an editorial policy that guides our content creation and publishing process. Here are the key principles that govern our blog:

    Focus on music: Our blog is dedicated to all things music-related. We cover a wide range of topics, including album reviews, interviews, artist profiles, industry news, and event coverage. We avoid covering non-music related topics.

    Objectivity and integrity: We strive to be objective in our reporting and avoid any conflicts of interest that could compromise our integrity. We do not accept bribes or incentives to cover certain artists or events.

    Fact-checking: We fact-check all information and sources before publishing any content to ensure that we’re providing accurate information to our readers.

    Diversity and inclusion: We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in our content. We seek to feature artists from different genres, backgrounds, and regions. We also aim to avoid any harmful stereotypes or language in our content.

    Editorial independence: Our editorial team has full independence to choose which topics to cover, how to cover them, and which artists to feature. We don’t allow advertisers or sponsors to influence our editorial content.

    Respect for copyright and intellectual property: We respect the copyright and intellectual property of others and require our writers to do the same. We do not publish any content that infringes on someone else’s rights.

    User-generated content: We encourage our readers to share their thoughts and opinions through comments and other user-generated content. However, we reserve the right to moderate and delete any comments or content that is offensive, irrelevant, or violates our editorial policy.

    We believe that our editorial policy helps us to maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity in our content. We are committed to providing our readers with informative, engaging, and relevant music content that they can trust.