Roskamala’s Music Video For “Out Of The Maze” Shatters Boundaries And Embraces Diversity

Roskamala ’s newest music video for “Out Of The Maze” is causing a stir as it captivates audiences. Drawing from her personal encounters of exclusion and defying societal expectations, she sends a resounding message of self-embrace and strength. She celebrates diversity and sheds light on the struggles faced by those who deviate from the norm. This visual masterpiece serves as a tribute to the LGBTQIA+ community and individuals who proudly identify as outsiders.

“Being a bisexual who used to be a lesbian until I was 22 years old, was not an easy path. When I was 14 my relationship with my ex-girlfriend was considered weird. We were the only lesbian couple who both looked feminine. I witnessed challenges and feeling excluded by people’s opinions, and some have very strong opinions that it hurt me for being who I am. It’s the same in the music industry. You need to fight hard and put in so much effort to be happy and different,” admits the artist.

Regarding the concept behind the music video, Roskamala explains: “The minute I had the idea for writing “Out Of The Maze” was when I lived with James who was going through a life transition. We woke up every day and got coffee at the same time in the kitchen. We looked at each other, and I said we look like sh*t every day and have absolutely nothing to do. I think we should write a song about it and that’s why the music video was filmed in a house.”

She adds: “I had this thought in my head, ‘What would it be like if I put all of my identities and all of my alienated feelings into different characters in one house?’ There’s one character which is the robot representing the combination of me and what would happen if the other identities exclude me as well. I always feel like I am not accepted anywhere. I also find it hard to accept myself sometimes. I think too much about life and the purpose of living. It is an interesting and very delicate problem that humans create chaos in their heads and find it hard to be peaceful internally.”

Transporting viewers to a realm of imagination, the music video delves into a parallel universe, metaphorically representing the multitude of identities and emotions within Roskamala. It vividly captures the challenges of acceptance and the journey towards inner tranquility. With her music and the EP, Truth She Told, encompassing the empowering anthem “Out Of The Maze,” she advocates for hope and emphasizes the significance of fostering inclusivity for those who defy societal norms.

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