Peg Luke Uplifts Souls With Her Unique Spin On The Classic “Love Lifted Me” 

Peg Luke, Grammy and Emmy nominated artist, flutist, and pianist, known for her deeply emotive compositions, has released her newest single, “Love Lifted Me,” which is a reimagining of an old hymn by Howard Smith. The multi-award winning musician stumbled upon the lyrics and immediately connected with their powerful message of redemption. To breathe new life into the tune, she worked closely with highly acclaimed producer Dean Miller. Despite the remote collaboration, their musical concepts and insights seamlessly merged, resulting in a compelling blend of melodies. 

The incorporation of biblical narratives into the composition posed a unique challenge for Peg. Through careful attention to musical elements such as rhythm, harmony, and detail, she successfully navigated this process, creating a unified vision, where the music and lyrics intertwine to convey the profound theme of being lifted by love. By interpreting the piece through her own context, she breathes fresh life into the song, with her versatile skills playing a crucial role in bringing new light and meaning to the track. 

“Love Lifted Me” stands out with its relaxed yet insightful nature. The song’s simplicity at the beginning highlights the gentle flow of the beat, as Peg’s ethereal vocals deliver the lyrics: “I was sinking deep in sin/ Far from the peaceful shore/ Very deeply stained within/ Sinking to rise no more/ But the Master of the sea/ Heard my despairing cry/ From the water lifted me/ Now Safe am I/ Love lifted me/ Love lifted me/ When nothing else would help/ Love lifted me/ Love lifted me/ Love lifted me/ When nothing else would help/ Love lifted me.”

For Peg, creating music that captures the infinite love of God is a sacred calling. She embraces the boundless possibilities of life through her singles, viewing each new project as an opportunity to channel her dedication and spread a message that matters in today’s world. Luke’s faith and the constant surprises and challenges she encounters in her journey inspire her to continue releasing songs for years to come. 

As for future releases, Luke has been working on a Christmas album with Grammy-winning producer Neal Merrick Blackwood, slated for November 2023. She also has plans for a flute project in the coming year. In the meantime, listeners can look forward to her next single, a collaboration with Dean Miller titled “Amazing Grace,” following the success of “The Lord’s Prayer,” “God Will Be My Peace,” “The Greatest Gift,” and “I Am Home, Lord.”

Listen to “Love Lifted Me” here: