American Singer-Songwriter Tre’c Drops A Sublime EP Mental Advantage

American singer-songwriter Tre’c is releasing a sublime new EP titled Mental Advantage. The 22-year old artist follows-up to his single “Fumble” dropped earlier this year. 

The 5-track EP could be dissected into two parts. The first three tracks, including “Sonny,” “Urinate” and “No Pen,” somehow align together, stylistically revolving around a blend between modern R&B and Soul, while the last two tracks incorporate other elements like electro, trap and drill. 

Whatever he decides to execute in terms of  style, vibe or genre, Tre’c makes sure to always pour relatable storytelling that stems from his personal experiences, like in the song “Sonny” which symbolizes his inner journey accepting the passing of his father. “Sonny” also has a beautiful music video to illustrate the narrative of the track. 

Overall, Mental Advantage is a very powerful body-of-work that reinforces his presence in music as an endlessly talented soul whose music acts as a catalyst for the most powerful human experiences and emotions.