Duce Doit Fires Up Another Club Banger “Tweak”

Discover the coolest guy in Chicago, IL, whose name is Duce Doit! This awesome artist came out with “Tweak” that’s gathered hundreds of thousands of plays! “Tweak” is a party banger that combines a heavy trap beat with a sample from Michael Jackson’s iconic “Rock With You.”  carrying that straight urban swagger with a funk that we all know and love. 

I’m both a performer and an artist. I have a Duce signature style. I do it so well. The actual definition of duce [doo chey] is “leader”…I’m working on something real big right now, I’m taking over for the 99 and 2000s,” Duce said in an interview

Duce Doit is an urban music creator, Hip-Hop and recording artist who officially launched his music career in 2018 with the track “Sleepwalkin.’  Inspired by iconic artists like “Jay-Z, T. I., and Rick Ross,” Duce takes his influences and transforms them into his deeply personal sonic aesthetics, merging multiple urban sub-genres into his brilliant tracks. Never taking a break from fulfilling his higher calling and using his God-given gift to create uplifting vibes distilling a very strong energy set to empower people in feeling confident.