Just.InTime Mends His Broken Heart With Recent Singles “Owner” & “deadawayfromYOU”

Promising rapper and songwriter Just.InTime, also known as Just.InTime.1Kings tries to recover and heal from emotional pain and fix the broken relationships in his life. The Hip Hop artist sends a heartfelt message to his father and son through the recently released singles “Owner” and “deadawayfromYOU.”

“‘Owner’ was primarily fueled by the moment that I knew Messiah‘s mom was pregnant,” admits Just.InTime, saying: “I miss my son tremendously. I have full custody of my son, I’ve been a single father since his birth. Last I saw him or even spoke to him he was four. Today Messiah is eight.” The talented songwriter also adds that the track is an apology to his father, who has opened deep wounds in the artist.

The Southern California native says that the song speaks about his accountability as well. “There’s been a lot of dysfunction there, my whole life, but in this moment of playing the instrumental to “Owner,” emotionally charged by my thoughts of Messiah (my son) I felt myself getting angry. I knew that I wasn’t that anymore, and that I forgave him. I allowed my dad to know if he ever took time to listen to these Masterpieces that flow through me that he was not hated, but actually loved,” explains Just.InTime.

While “Owner” was recorded in 2022, “DeadawayfromYOU” was put together only recently. Both songs communicate Just.InTime’s truth and represent situations that are hurtful to him. The rapper feels bad that people judge him and rarely see through his bleeding heart. But “glorifying the grace of heavenly Father’s love” helps him ease the pain. 

Listen to “Owner” and “deadawayfromYOU” here: