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Kelly Monrow Continues Her Successful Streak Of Music Videos With “Wounds”

Incredibly emotional performance from Kelly Monrow, representing the pain of heartbreak for so many of us—“Wounds” with thousands upon thousands of streams and plays has captivated a multitude of fans since its release. “I wanted it really raw. We found this neon light at my friends apartment we used that lit up neon red, and I thought that was such a creative moody idea because to me the neon red light represents the deep cuts and pain we feel when we feel not good enough, or when we are having an experience that pulls us into pain,” Kelly Monrow said, discussing “Wounds” music video with Music Mecca

“Wounds” certainly turned out as raw and real as it could have been, almost gut-wrenchingly familiar and ache-inducing. Yet at the same time the gorgeous actress sprinkles in some reminiscent love and a piece of advice to be someone self-loving rather than sacrifice everything for one person. The diva’s other highly acclaimed works include the famous debut album Scars of Venus, which has within a month of release gathered over a million streams. Stay tuned for more!