Loe Shimmy’s “Playboi Carti” Gets All The Attention

With over 150K views, Loe Shimmy’s “Playboi Carti” is out for great success. Another stunning track, this song represents the versatile artist’s style to the fullest, showing us just how talented Loe Shimmy is. His verses are so sharp and witty, and his rapping is unique in every way. Leveraging that fascinating voice, Loe Shimmy gets his point across with ease and flow that’s unlike any other rapper in the game. 

Acutely noted by Pitchfork critics, ““His bone-dry voice feels even more strained than usual, and he starts in a sleepy mutter before gradually picking up the pace. Backdropped by a breezy beat, Shimmy’s words sail over the instrumental. It’s so chill that even the fast version could lower your heart rate.”

The young talent has much to share, and his previous release “Wake Em Up” is yet another awesome track to check out!