Juice Potter Tells His Story In New Music Video For “Potter”

Up-and-coming rapper and songwriter, Juice Potter, releases a music video for “Potter,” directed by Faseeh Bhatti. Recorded at the Heavy artillery studio, the new single is mixed and mastered by Luchi Walli.

Speaking of “Potter,” Juice Potter says, the song introduces “who I am, telling you where I come from, some of the things I had to deal with along the way, some of the things that I want to see in the future, some of the things that I want to do, the impacts I want to have on the youth. It’s just telling you my story. More or less. It’s telling you my story and you know, where I come from and what I had to go through and what I still go through currently.”

Potter shares the self-titled track, following 2020’s Project Potter, which included 10 songs, among which are the popular “Sauce Pt.2,” “Project Pott,” “Count Up,” “Talk Is Cheap,” “Changed Up,” “Huskies,” and others.

The Hip Hop artist, who advocates for independence and empowering people around him, brings forth those ideas in his lyrics, “Please protect the family from insanity/If I died at night I could change the future/ If I take the youth and guide ‘em right/ I’m still going through it/ Flame a wood and clear my mind at night.”

Juice Potter is ready to welcome 2023 with a bang. In addition to the release of the forthcoming album Potterville 2, the young talent is getting ready to perform with big industry names earlier than expected.

Watch the music video for “Potter” here: