Cavalli Boss, The Man Behind “Drip Holy Water” – “Angel Numbers” & ”Pink Cocaine” Can Do It All With A Special Swag

Terrence Coates, AKA Cavalli Boss is the man behind the brand new tracks “Drip Holy Water,” but also “Angel Numbers” and “Pink Cocaine,” all released recently with a purpose of raising the hype before the much-awaited drop of his new album No Diamonds Allowed. He left fans counting the days until the big LP release with a taste of what’s to come thanks to three stunning tracks well-reflecting his unusual sonic power. 

Instantly recognizable at first listen, Cavalli Boss’ music holds many layers and distinctive elements that push forward his unmatchable style. An empowering artist whose mission is to help his audience tap into this infinite power lying within human beings, he fulfills the mission most artists dream of; lead the way to self-realization. 

The depth of his craft is unquestionable, and his performing skills even less. The effortlessness with which he manages to layer over his flow in each and every one of his creations is simply otherworldly, as we now all await the full collection of tracks rumored to drop in the coming days.