Watch Megan Thee Stallion Debut A New Song At Coachella, ‘To Whom It May The F*ck Concern’

Wherever she goes, Megan Thee Stallion makes news. So it’s not that surprising that the Houston hottie was making waves even before she took the stage at Coachella 2022 by letting fans know she was planning to debut a brand new song. Megan is
constantly giving fans new music, as her most recent collaboration with Dua Lipa, “Sweetest Pie,” clearly proves, and tonight’s new song might be called “Dick Don’t Run Me.” As she already predicted on Twitter, this one really goes out to the ladies and resonates with women most deeply, with a message of female empowerment and a kiss off to an ex lover.

After her disappointment that the fest was initially canceled way back in 2020, The Stallion was clearly more than ready to take the stage this evening. And with her unique combination of spitfire bars, incredible breath control, and all that twerking, her set was a highlight of the night, preceding headliner Billie Eilish by just a few hours. Check out footage from Megan’s set below, particularly these clips of her brand new song. Odds are, this new single is going to hit streaming services sooner than later, so keep an eye out for updates on that, too.