Lizzo Was A Retro-Glam Diva For Her ‘SNL’ Performances Of ‘About Damn Time’ And ‘Special’

New music from Lizzo is a good thing in most people’s books, but a new single and a live debut on Saturday Night Live? Now that’s an embarrassment of riches. The pop star and now inclusive shapewear line designer took to the SNL stage tonight after her latest single, “About Damn Time” had only been out for a few days. That didn’t stop her from dubbing it the “song of the summer,” before it even dropped, and showing out for the retro song’s disco-themed music video.

Replicating some of that video’s style for tonight’s live debut, Lizzo and her dancers were clad in glittery neon outfits and performed on a stage lit with colorful bands of lights. The R&B star and her all-female, all women of color band turned out a super funky version of the song, with light choreo and lots of feeling. Check out that performance up top and check out her second performance below. For her second song of the night, Lizzo chose to perform “Special,” the title track off her forthcoming album of the same name, this time in a glamorous pink gown. Since Lizzo was both the musical performer and guest star on tonight’s episode, she appeared in a whole host of skits too, so check those out if you want more.