NLE Choppa Claimed He Made A Supplement That Can Give You A BBL And Fans Roasted Him For It

Earlier this week, NLE Choppa shared a video on his social media where he claimed that he made a BBL supplement. The Me Vs. Me rapper claimed the “herbal concoction” is made up of akpi, fennel, fenugreek, basil, and “other sacred ingredients that I cannot get all into for the people that be stealing.” Here’s the issue so far: a BBL, which stands for Brazilian butt-lift, is a surgical procedure that transfers fat from one part of the body and injects it into the buttocks for a voluminous look. The odds of a supplement being able to do this are none to zero, and with that being said, fans wasted no time roasting the Memphis rapper.

However, that wasn’t all. Four days after releasing the supplement, NLE Choppa returned to Twitter with a claim that it was “such a success.” As a result, he added that he is currently “looking for things to reverse autism, Dwarfism, Down syndrome, and many other disorders.” As expected, NLE Choppa’s latest message earned him more roasts, but that didn’t distract him from his goal of providing BBLs with an all-natural, non-FDA-approved supplement.

“They gone tear a man down when you try to help but let em die it’s long live this RIP that, he was woke this, tryna heal his people that,” NLE Choppa tweeted in response to the criticism he received. “Naw b*tch he gone now should’ve embraced him instead of disgraced him. Sad ass putrid ass generation. He gone keep doing him tho. HE/HIM, I AM.”

You can check out some of the roasts fans had for NLE Choppa below.

NLE Choppa is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.