Kanye West References A Popular ‘Star Wars’ Meme In An ‘Energized’ New Freestyle

It’s been a while since Kanye West released any new music, so fans were excited to receive a new freestyle from him, even if it wasn’t quite what they’ve been hoping he’d drop since he began his one-man war against the music industry. Instead, he and his team were apparently feeling “energized,” as he put it in the tweet containing the freestyle video, so he set the freeform rap to a video of a UFC knockout and shared it with his followers.

The freestyle came after Kanye shared a screenshot of election poll results from Kentucky showing him leading both Joe Biden and Donald Trump, which was later clarified as a test of reporting code. Of course, Kanye wouldn’t care that the results aren’t valid because he’s Kanye and he believes what he wants, so the claims he makes on the song should be taken with a grain of salt. He does, however, reference the popular Star Wars “high ground” meme, along with a sample of the infamous line from Revenge Of The Sith. He also talks a bit about his recording industry beef.

Check out the new Kanye West tune above, and keep an eye out for Donda, Kanye West’s long-delayed new album.