SOURCE SPORTS: Derrick Henry Delivers a Vicious Stiff Arm to Josh Norman Sending The Internet Into a Frenzy

Derrick Henry showcased on Tuesday night why he is a beast of a running back.

The Tennessee Titans monster back sent Buffalo Bills cornerback Josh Norman flying to the sidelines with one of the craziest stiff arms ever executed in a game.

Henry had his way with Norman and made the still arm move look so easy. Fans took to Twitter to get off some jokes at Norman’s expense.


The Twitter memes were all over the play, and Henry’s teammates surely won’t be forgetting the stiff-arm from hell.

“I screamed, ‘Holy crap!’” QB Ryan Tannehill said of his initial reaction, via “That was unbelievable just to see the way he tossed that guy. Derrick is a special player. We’ve seen the stiff arm from him. I saw it all last year. I’ve seen it before I got here, highlights of it. Obviously, he’s strong, physically a tough runner. That was probably one of the meanest stiff arms I’ve ever seen, no doubt.”