SOURCE SPORTS: Gordon Hayward Sends Love and Support to Dak Prescott After Gruesome Injury

When Dak Prescott went down from compound fracture injury to his ankle, the first person many thought about was Gordon Hayward. It appears Hayward is thinking about Prescott and wanted to send some love his way.

Hayward took to Twitter to let Prescott know, he is here if he needs anything and that he isn’t alone and he is here for moral support.

 “If there’s anything I can do to help, don’t hesitate to reach out,” Hayward tweeted at Prescott, in part. “You’re not alone!”


Hayward broke his tibia and dislocated his ankle in his Boston Celtics debut in 2017.  His left ankle was twisted completely the wrong way while he sat there in pain as players both on the court and on the nearby bench scattered away in shock.

Hayward credits Paul George, who broke his left leg back in 2014, for helping him mentally get back on track. Now Hayward wants to do the same for Prescott.