Camila Cabello on New Album ‘C,XOXO’ & Working With Playboi Carti on ‘I LUV IT’ | Billboard Cover

Billboard cover star Camila Cabello talks about her upcoming album, C,XOXO, and how she’s evolved her creative style to emulate her new era. She goes in depth about what to expect from her new album, the importance of songwriting and creative freedom in its creation, paying homage to hip-hop, what it was like to collaborate with Playboi Carti on “I LUV IT,” her plans to incorporate touring in the near future and more!

Camila Cabello:
I feel like this whole album is like signed C,XOXO because it’s signed by me — from me to you. What’s up, guys? I’m Camila Cabello and welcome to my Billboard cover shoot. So we are at my Billboard cover shoot in East Hollywood. We’ve got a little kiddie pool over here because we’re really trying to like, bring Miami to East Hollywood. As you can see, I’m wearing a little bikini here. Because you know, we’re repping Miami on this album, or repping the Miami girls. We got some heat that decided to show up for us today. It is actually sauna level hot, fun fact. It’s going to be really fun. There’s a really cute little dog, and here we go.

Erica Hernandez:
What I’m most excited to capture today with Camila is we’re in grandma’s house. And I’m just really excited to lean into this vibe that she’s created for herself and to capture her in her new moment. And I think it’s going to be beautiful.

Jared Ellner: 
Camila’s rebrand connects to this shoot because we have lots of metallics, clear, she loves blue. Things that really feel sort of like mismatched, nothing that’s like too coordinated. So we’re pulling a lot from her vibe.

Camila Cabello:
I feel like this new era, everything for me starts with the music and starts with the songwriting. And I do my exploring to figure out, you know, what is like the voice for this album?

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