When Does ‘The Chi’ Season 6, Episode 12 Come Out?

(WARNING: Spoilers for The Chi season 6 will be found below.)

We’re arriving at the halfway point in The Chi season six, part two. Last week’s episode, “Saints & Sinners,” tied Victor’s pending murder case to Rob’s past as the latter’s father returns to his life for the first time in years. Papa receives an exciting news that could possibly change his life in more ways than one. Jake and Jemma’s relationship is on shaky ground while Bakari looks to improve his with Lynae, among other things. Emmett was also introduced to new brother, but the way his father Darnell goes about it frustrates Emmett in more ways than one. That’s what happened last week, here’s what you can expect this week on The Chi.

h2>When Will The Chi Season 6, Episode 12 Come Out?

The twelfth episode of The Chi season six, titled “City Of Gold,” will arrive on May 31. The episode will be available on Friday, 5/31 on the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME app starting at midnight EST/PST. The episode will later air on the SHOWTIME TV channel on May 12 at 9 pm ET/PT. A synopsis for “City Of Gold” can be found below:

Emmett looks to a new partnership as a solution to all his problems; Victor is haunted by his past mistakes; Papa makes a big decision; devastating news sends Kiesha reeling.

‘The Chi’ season 6, part 2 is now streaming on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME. Seasons 1-5 as well as season 6, part 1 are available now to stream on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME