LADIPOE Releases “Hallelujah,” A New Single Expressing the Grind and Glory of the Journey

Nigerian rapper LADIPOE is out with his latest release, “Hallelujah,” a cut that delves into the profoundness of his hustle. The song allows us a glimpse of how persistent and focused he is, consisting of high levels—that makes him an artist—through this sharp lyricist and masterful storyteller: LADIPOE.

Hallelujah” opens with this flossy word to say: “Nothing now, wey go kill my vibe.” The statement goes on to introduce a tune that muses on the journey of sweat and champagne, which is LADIPOE. He’s speaking of loyalty and growth in his verse, while one of the best lines, “My man fall, I go stand beside, 100 fold, I no undermine,” tells us he’s been there for his goons, and “You know what’s really hard about the shift to manhood from adolescence? Is going forward there’ll be harder lessons?” lets us in on the hard lessons that have been learned.

But struggle is not the only theme of the song. “Hallelujah” celebrates the unending spirit that is LADIPOE. The lyrics hit on the fact that one has to work and be resilient, as in this line: “I’m that student of the hustle that’s used to breaking its laws / 20 percent na talent apply it with no remorse.” This brings out the blend of talent and effort required to succeed.

In turn, the chorus of “Hallelujah” is an anthem of resilience, a declaration of faith and determination marked in repetition to place a stake in the ground of enduring through adversity. This sentence is a powerful and relatable refrain at the heart of this track. Musically speaking, “Hallelujah” is garnished with a mellow but hard-hitting beat that allows LADIPOE’s delivery to be at the forefront. The slow melody of the track underpins poignant lyrics that help sculpt the song’s emotional integrity, but at the same time, it makes listening even more captivating.

LADIPOE is an example of a career that is evidence of both versatility and commitment. A transition proven to have taken place from production to rapping was realized with his debut single, “Can’t Stop,” which began to draw immense recognition from the audience. He has since solidified his place at the forefront of Nigerian music with his follow-up releases, “Know You,” “Yoruba Samurai,” and “Feeling.”

In “Hallelujah,” he pushes the limits; LADIPOE goes all out in his journey, his struggles etched out nakedly in this tune yet with a touch of inspiration and hope. It is more than a statement of resilience; it is a song that speaks to so many who have gone through challenges.

LADIPOE invites you to share in this journey with him and partake in this “Hallelujah.” It’s more than a sound; it’s a song that stands for the grit and glory of his path.

Stream LADIPOE’s newest single, “Hallelujah”  now: