“If It’s Not Too Much Trouble (You’re Going to Jail)” by WHITE COLLAR PRISON: A Satirical Take on Justice

WHITE COLLAR PRISON ‘s next single, “If It’s Not Too Much Trouble (You’re Going to Jail),” which drops today, goes to the heart of it all: the world of white-collar crime and the unsurprisingly elastic justice system in which it drags its tail after being often attacked. The song marries cutting satire with stark commentary in a perpetually original kind of musical one-two punch that really forces one to think about corruption and privilege.

It tells the tale of how Congressman Richard Dutch got caught in insider trading, embezzlement, and fraud. Not only that, but with lyrics like those, a catchy tune has the ability to often depict the silliness of a system where, obviously, the rich get away scot-free. “Insider trading, fraud, and the rest / Plus, all of those damning emails” form the sculping words that give a tone to a song that proves always interesting and entertaining to listen to. The chorus just builds the line and repeats it: “If it’s not too much trouble / You’re going to jail,” re-emphasizing meted-out justice through the idea of irony and disparity, thus being a standout in musical satire.

The powerful duo behind WHITE COLLAR PRISON includes Gregory James Jenkins and Neil Garguilo, the two songwriting guys that the whole world knows to be witty. They suddenly became known as the combination of serious commentary with a good dose of humor that has caused positive responses in all mediums of their work. Their professional pursuits on television, film, and digital series reflected their compelling narrator skills and how truly captivated they were. Gregory and Neil are old hands at the big leagues; their songwriting team has always done innovative music that goes against the grain. And WHITE COLLAR PRISON means to do just that: shine a light on unfair practices in the legal system through the use of satire.

Never mind that the band’s last output, especially the brazen “if it’s not too much trouble.,” had gone some way in making sure that their status as pioneers of musical satire is solidified. Their stickily crafted tunes compel listeners to confront uncomfortable truths about power and privilege.

Exploring collaborations with an ensemble of talents, which include Lucas Grabeel, Alex Lewis, Mary Birdsong, Epic Lloyd, and Rob Cantor, among many others, their music really becomes charismatic and deep. In their music, there is an amalgamation of long tales where each musician adds a bit to the pot of a thick story growing out of their songs, making the listening experience engaging yet impactive.

Their music continued to stand up against popular claims and gave ripples to waves of conversations that followed. “If It’s Not Too Much Trouble (You’re Going to Jail)” isn’t a song; it actually cries out for looking deeper into the disparities in administration of justice, the true cost it’s ostensibly exacting from the corrupt, and the privileged.

Check out the new single by WHITE COLLAR PRISON, “If It’s Not Too Much Trouble (You’re Going to Jail)” here: