[WATCH]’Royal Rules of Ohio’ Premieres: Inside the Lives of Ghanaian Royalty

“Royal Rules of Ohio” debuted this week, offering viewers an intimate look into the lives of three Ghanaian sisters as they navigate their 20s in Columbus, Ohio. Produced by eOne’s unscripted business, a division of Lionsgate Alternative Television, the documentary series delves into the complexities of living as the daughters of royal descendants from two affluent Ghanaian kingdoms.

Thelma, Nana, and Brenda Agyekum lead lavish lives, basking in the privileges bestowed upon them by their prestigious lineage. However, beneath the surface lies a world of double lives, where the sisters grapple with the weight of familial expectations and the potential repercussions of tarnishing their family’s esteemed reputation.

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Starring alongside the sisters are their cool and sometimes strict parents, Yaw and Delali Agyekum, affectionately known as Akili Bobo and Mama Dollars. Yaw Agyekum, a multifaceted businessman and real estate investor, brings strategic acumen and philanthropic endeavors to the family dynamic. Alongside his wife, Delali, he co-founded The Yaw & Delali Foundation, dedicated to empowering underprivileged communities.


Delali Agyekum, a registered nurse and managing director of a home health company, exemplifies nurturing and entrepreneurship in equal measure. Together with Yaw, they strive to give back to the community through their foundation, embodying their shared commitment to social change.

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As the Agyekum family’s story unfolds, viewers witness the intersection of heritage, ambition, and family bonds. From Thelma, Nana, and Brenda’s journey through young adulthood to Yaw and Delali’s pursuit of the American dream while staying rooted in their Ghanaian heritage, “Royal Rules of Ohio” offers a captivating portrayal of a family navigating the complexities of modern life.

With its blend of cultural richness and black excellence, “Royal Rules of Ohio” promises to captivate audiences and provide a look into a family that thrives on success, hard-work and love.

Watch the trailer below.

photos: Disney/Soul Brother