Jake Gyllenhaal And The SNL Cast Learn The Truth About Fast Fashion In An ‘SNL’ Sketch

This summer, everyone’s trying to serve looks. And while retailers like Shein and Temu may be tempting, given their low prices and modern aesthetics, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the production processes of these fast fashion retailers. In a sketch from tonight’s (May 18) episode of Saturday Night Live, host Jake Gyllenhaal and the cast are surprised to learn how these clothes and accessories are made.

In the clip, Ego Nwodim asks “how so cheap?” after the commercial’s narrator lists off prices — to which the narrator replies “Don’t worry about it.”

Elsewhere in the commercial, the narrator says shoppers can purchase “Designer dupes. No prisoners involved.”

Confused, Gyllenhaal asks, “Did there used to be or something? Why bring it up?”

But these aren’t the only suss parts of the fictional Xiemu line. When Chloe Fineman removes a necklace, we see that the material has given her a rash. We also see clothes fall off of Marcello Hernandez, despite Xiemu’s claims of being made from the “best materials.”

Gyllenhaal also finds a note inside his jacket pocket, however, a producer quickly snatches the note before he can read it.

“That’s a thank you note from a happy worker,” says the narrator.

You can watch the sketch above.