Jon Stewart Went All Out Roasting Trump For Dozing In Court And Comparing Himself To Jesus Christ And Nelson Mandela

Unlike the former president, Jon Stewart was fully alert and ready to take on Donald Trump‘s hush money trial that kicked off on Monday. Like any good comedian, The Daily Show host immediately latched on to reports that Trump fell asleep during the court proceedings. An ironic move given Trump’s penchant for repeatedly accusing Joe Biden of being “sleepy.”

“Imagine committing so many crimes, you get bored at your own trial,” Stewart quipped. “Move on to the good stuff!”

Trump is on trial for allegedly falsifying financial records to hide a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels, so she would not come forward during the 2016 election and reveal that she and Trump had an affair. Naturally, Trump has denied any wrongdoing and made sure to grandstand outside of the courthouse that the charges are “political persecution.”

“It’s a case that should have never been brought,” Trump said via Rolling Stone. “It’s an assault of America, and that’s why I’m very proud to be here.”

“Well, it’s true,” Stewart joked. “Trump is always very proud to be part of any assault on America.”

The Daily Show host and cast members Ronny Chieng and Desi Lydic spent the rest of the segment mocking Trump for comparing himself to both Jesus Christ and Nelson Mandela. The three argued which best represents Trump before correspondent Josh Johnson came in with a third suggestion: Trump is the new O.J. Simpson.

You can watch Stewart go to town on Trump’s hush money trail at the 8:49 mark below:

(Via Rolling Stone)