Sydney Sweeney Solves Cases Of Murders And Disappearing Men In A Suspenseful ‘SNL’ Sketch

Syndey Sweeney can do it all. From acting, modeling, and bringing on the laughs, the Anyone But You actress has displayed a wide range of talents. Last night (March 2), Sweeney added yet another skill to her impressive resume — solving cold cases.

In a Saturday Night Live sketch, Sweeney played an intern at a police station. She and her fellow intern, Chloe Fineman, were presented with a series of tasks — each of which involved finding a man who had gone on the run. Through social media searches and quick Googling, Sweeney and Fineman successfully track down each missing man.

When asked how they were able to find each man, Sweeney offered a simple explanation.

“We’re 22-year-old girls in situationships,” she said.

Fineman then added, “We can find out anything about anyone with literally no information. My screen time is 23 hours a day.”

Toward the end of the sketch, the dynamic duo helped a woman, played by Heidi Gardner, find her missing husband.

“My husband, I thought he was on a business trip, but he hasn’t come home for six weeks,” said Gardner.

The two young ladies quickly solved the case.

“Girl, he’s on Love Is Blind,” said Sweeney.

You can watch the sketch above.