Chris Brown Ordered to Pay $2 Million Debt for Unpaid Loan Related to Popeyes Chicken

Last year, R&B sensation Chris Brown found himself embroiled in a legal battle over a $2 million unpaid loan taken out to purchase two Popeyes Chicken franchises alongside music producer The Dream and others. Now, after months of litigation, a Los Angeles court has delivered a decisive judgment against the singer, ordering him to pay up.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, this week saw the California court confirm a sister-state judgment filed by City National Bank (CNB) in September 2023. The bank had initially filed a lawsuit in Georgia, where it was awarded a staggering $1,760,654.11 in damages against Chris Brown.

CNB’s lawsuit, first reported by The Blast, alleged that it had provided Brown and his associates with a $2 million loan to facilitate the purchase of two Popeyes chicken restaurants. Despite the loan agreement, Brown failed to fulfill his financial obligations, leading to the bank’s pursuit of legal action to recover the outstanding debt.


With the court’s confirmation of the judgment, CNB now has the green light to initiate collection efforts against Chris Brown in California. The recent hearing saw the approval of CNB’s request, giving Brown a 30-day window to respond to the case or face finalization of the judgment.

The court’s filing issued a stern warning to Chris Brown, emphasizing the potential consequences of non-compliance. If Brown fails to address the judgment within the specified timeframe, his property could be subject to seizure as a means of satisfying the debt owed to CNB.

“This court may order that a writ of execution or other enforcement may issue. Your wages, money, and property could be taken without further warning from the court,” the filing read. “If enforcement procedures have already been issued, the property levied on will not be distributed until 30 days after you are served with this notice.”

The ruling marks a significant legal setback for Chris Brown, underscoring the importance of honoring financial obligations and contractual agreements. As the singer navigates the repercussions of the court’s decision, he faces the prospect of addressing the substantial debt owed to City National Bank in connection with the failed Popeyes Chicken franchise venture.