Kaekingkally Starts-Off 2023 In Ideal Shape With Debut “Partyin’ Was Fun”

Kaekingkally starts-off 2023 in ideal shape with the release of a debut hit track titled “Partyin’ Was Fun.” Artists like Nas, Ice Cube, Jay Z, B.I.G, 2Pac, and Easy E have all inspired this young artist to find his own aesthetics and express himself through music. He also shared that  Usher and Michael Jackson played a big role in his artistic development. 

“Partyin’ Was Fun” is unpredictable in many ways, as Kaekingkally taps into past eras to bring us the best of his inspiration, all carried through an intuitive creative approach set to conquer millions of fans’ loyalty. 

From 90’s sonics to a blend between Hip-Hop and singing segments, he fuses influences into a polished and flawlessly executed performance supported by a smooth beat. 

Kaekingkally is involved in the entire recording process, from songwriting to production, mixing and mastering, a versatility that gives his debut single a very personal feel. 

Make sure to check-out this new artist and stream “Partyin’ Was Fun” until he unveils his next release!