Carsn. Presents “General Gentleman” & “Rip Away” From Upcoming LP Mixed Emotions

Promising newcomer Carsn. is all set to drop his new album Mixed Emotions, which includes, “General Gentleman,” “Rip Away,” and “Coupe.” The Hip Hop artist assures that the anticipated record will feature great new songs, “I cannot wait to share these sounds with the world.” 

Carsn. has been busy with Mixed Emotions for over a year now. The Texas native has meticulously curated each track from the album with utmost care and precision. Integrating Southern Pop, Hip Hop, and alternative sounds into his music, the young talent says, “ I like making all types of music and try not just to confine myself to one genre.”

Speaking of the recent singles, Carsn. explains that “Rip Away” is “about moving on from a bad situation and finding better things/people out there in the world.” He also adds that “General Gentleman,” is “about being a General or in other words being a boss, but all while also being a gentleman at the same time. It’s saying in a way, that during the process of reaching a higher top tier status, you should treat others as a gentleman would.”

Mixed Emotions is rumored to come out this month.

 Listen to “Rip Away” & “General Gentleman” here: