MSB Boog Is Back With More “Rockstar” Shine

MSB Boog dazzles crowds with more of his signature tracks. “Rockstar” follows the life of the artist, his younger years full of hardship and danger and the stunning success he’s had throughout his career.

MSB Boog is a Pensacola-based American rapper-songwriter. MSB stands for Money Stackin Bozz, a display of his hardworking nature, ambition and vision for the genre. MSB Boog launched his career two years ago, and has since been dropping multiple projects, including the track “Soldier,” and the EP Life In The Trenchez, a six-track collection home to the fan-favorite track “Run It Up.” 

“I chose to release two singles back to back cause I have over 40+ unreleased songs in my vault. I just wanted to give the world a sneak peak of how I’m coming all 2023,” MSB Boog said in an interview. He continued, “My top three artists are Kodak black, Rick Ross, and Drake. I watch ‘em from the beginning to perfecting their craft.”