Drake And 21 Savage’s Fake Media Blitz Continued With A Tiny Desk Concert Promo — But NPR Seems Into It

Update: Yep. It’s fake. But now, who know? We might get a real one.

The rollout for Drake and 21 Savage’s joint album Her Loss continued today with the pair teasing an NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert on social media. Fans were naturally excited to learn of the possiblity of the unexpected contribution to the legendary series.

However, there’s a catch. This isn’t the first time the duo trolled fans with a buzzy announcement ahead of the album’s release. After teasing a Vogue cover featuring the two of them, they later revealed that it was a promotional zine consisting of a few modified copies of the actual Vogue with photoshopped ads featuring 21 Savage’s tattoos on all the models.

And while a Tiny Desk Concert would certainly be a treat and they would warrant the star treatment, it is a little suspicious that it was announced by Drake and Savage themselves rather than the NPR Music profiles. It would be just like them too; both are known for sort of trolling their fans over the years thanks to their propensity for popping up in all kinds of memes.

With that being said, even if they aren’t really doing a Tiny Desk, it likely won’t dampen the enthusiasm for their upcoming album. Her Loss is due on Friday, November 4.