SZA Says She’s Not Rushing To Release Her Long-Awaited Second Album

It looks like SZA fans will be waiting much longer than expected for the singer’s second album: The “Go Gina” singer recently opened up about her progress on the follow-up to 2017’s Ctrl but has made it very clear she is in no rush to release it.

“I don’t even know what this album is about and what it sounds like,” SZA said during a recent interview with Complex. “Which is why I had to go to the mode of what feels good to my brain and to my energy and the songs that I think are hot, I just have to go with them.”

SZA said she has “no idea” what the long-anticipated album “sounds like to anybody else,” sharing that it was hard to pinpoint an exact sonic direction. “It’s a little bit of everything,” she said. “It’s a little aggressive. Some parts are incredibly soft. Some of them are ballads. I don’t know. It’s all over the place. It’s just where my heart is.”

Additionally, the singer said despite dealing with relentless questions about the album, she is not feeling pressure to release the album any time soon. The artist is creating her “ideal situation” regarding the time frame for putting out album two, she said.

“I don’t have any deadlines because, at the end of the day, when my sh*t comes out, it comes out,” she said. “And if ever I lose my ability to choose, I have no problem vacating my current life and doing something different. I’m not glued to being an artist for the rest of my life or anything for that matter. I’m seeing where it takes me.”

Since Ctrl, SZA has has kept busy: Back in 2018, she teamed up with Kendrick Lamar for the Black Panther soundtrack single “All The Stars.” She later released two singles on her own in 2020 with the Ty Dolla Sign-assisted “Hit Different” and “Good Days,” and 2021’s “I Hate U.” She also collaborated with Doja Cat on “Kiss Me More,” which earned both artists their first Grammys for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at this year’s ceremony.