Why Were Cardi B And JT Arguing On Twitter?

While many of the women in rap share the consensus opinion that it’s the fans and media who stoke the fires of beef between them, let’s not kid ourselves: The clapback queens of the rap business certainly don’t help the situation by always being willing to throw gasoline on the flames. In the latest example, what appeared to be a possible misunderstanding between “Twerk” collaborators Cardi B and JT of City Girls escalated into all-out timeline warfare. After fans brought a supposedly shady JT tweet to Cardi’s attention, insults were flung on both sides, even as they vowed to settle things in the DMs.

So, why were Cardi B and JT arguing on Twitter?

As with the majority of Cardi’s timeline feuds, it looks a little bit like this one started with Cardi/Nicki stan accounts and the coincidental timelines of both rappers’ most recent releases. Last month, Nicki Minaj shared a remix of her single “Super Freaky Girl (QueenMix)” featuring JT along with a slew of other female rappers — the first time Nicki had participated in a collaboration with more than one female rapper in her career. Meanwhile, Cardi hopped on a remix of a viral GloRilla song called “Tomorrow 2,” which skyrocketed to the Hot 100 top ten. When a fan pointed out the varying degrees of success between the two tracks, JT tried to keep the peace, but seemingly misidentified GloRilla’s top-ten song as a remix of her calling card breakthrough hit “F.N.F. (Let’s Go).”

When some fans interpreted this as a deliberate move to dismiss Cardi B’s contribution to Glo’s success, Cardi seemingly responded with a one-word tweet: “Lapdog.” This too was seen as a diss by fans, who believed Cardi was calling JT Nicki’s lapdog — and to be fair, it’s not like there wasn’t precedent after fellow “QueenMix” feature Akbar V launched a similar attack on Cardi just a week before. It didn’t take long until Cardi and JT were arguing via quote tweets, comparing YouTube views, and accusing each other of using ghostwriters.

Incidentally, City Girls denied having beef with Cardi back in 2020, when fans perceived a lack of support from them toward Cardi’s hit single “WAP.” While those fans attributed this to friction between the women, Yung Miami denied any discord, and both shut down the accusations on a podcast. Unfortunately, it looks like the good vibes have since dissipated, leaving behind the air of enmity that gives fans so many reasons to assume beef between female rappers.