Coi Leray Explains Her Road To Virality For UPROXX’s ‘How I Blew Up’

Boston-born Coi Leray is trending upwards thanks to the success of her hit “No More Parties,” a feature from the one and only Nicki Minaj, and her ability to consistently go viral on platforms like TikTok with tracks like “TWINNEM.” Most recently, the rapper dropped “Fly Sh*t,” after several videos of her rapping the intro and dancing to the single circled the internet.
UPROXX’s, How I Blew Up narrated by Cherise Johnson, gives the internet star a chance to tell the story of her rise to fame in her own words — from dropping out of high school to using music to express her emotions instead of responding to gossip on social media. After her single “Huddy” dropped on SoundCloud in 2018, Coi started to make her mark on the internet, but it was her pandemic-made single “No More Parties” and the song’s remix with Lil Durk that propelled Coi to a new level of stardom. “No More Parties,” was inspired by Coi’s own experience with depression and grappling with being an artist, her newfound fame, and vitality

In just a few months, “No More Parties” went platinum, and just over a year later has seen hundreds of thousands of TikToks made to the sound. Coi was also featured on the XXL 2021 Freshman Class, became an UPROXX cover star, and has also taken the fashion scene by storm.

Watch Coi Leray break down how she blew up above.