Lil Nas X Tells Fans To Stop Using Drugs (But Not All Of Them) At His Concert

At a recent performance, Lil Nas X had an interesting request for his fans. While on his Long Live Montero Tour, he pleaded with fans to stop using poppers during his concerts, tweeting on September 28, “stop doing poppers at my concert! u do not need ur asshole relaxed to see me perform industry baby!”

Fans immediately responded to the tweet with some cheeky comments of their own.

“But then I cannot sh*t my pants!!?” one person asked, while another wrote, “What if you see me in the crowd, call me on stage and declare your love for me like a classic Wattpad fanfic? Gotta be ready!!”

In response to an article about his request, Nas came through with a hilarious clarification today (October 4), tweeting, “aht aht- i said stop doing poppers. cuz ya asshole don’t need to be open while i sing my depression album cuts. if yall wanna do weed, molly, shrooms, paint, gasoline ect. knock yourselves tf out.”

This isn’t the first time the “Old Town Road” singer has gotten candid with fans during a show. While performing in Atlanta, he had to pause his concert due to a bathroom emergency: A video began circulating online where Lil Nas X could be heard telling concertgoers over the venue speakers that he was backstage “taking a mean sh*t.”

The star confirmed the story and retweeted the viral video, explaining he was 100-percent serious about the mid-gig bathroom emergency. He wrote, “Lmao, people really thought I was joking. I was literally back there dropping demons into that toilet.”