Offset Announces The Release Date For His Upcoming Solo Album

After dropping videos for singles “54321” and “Code” with Moneybagg Yo, Migos member Offset announced the release date for the as-yet-untitled solo album he’s been working on this year. On Wednesday afternoon (September 21), he tweeted a date, 11/11/22, then, perhaps feeling that was a little too cryptic, followed up a few minutes later with “Album!!!!!!!!” making sure his fans and followers knew what he was talking about.

Offset has been promoting his solo turn for some time, first teasing new music in May as Migos’ other two members, Quavo and Takeoff, released their first track as a duo. He continued to tease the solo project in August and earlier this month, performed both new singles on The Tonight Show. And while no member of Migos has made mention of any serious rift between the band of brothers (or rather, cousins and a nephew), toward the end of August, Offset took legal action against the trio’s record label, Quality Control Music, over allegedly claiming ownership of his solo releases, suggesting that his real issue might be with the group’s business partners.

For now, it’s up in the air whether Migos will reunite as the three-headed monster that stomped through the music scene with hit after hit. ‘Til we know more, we can still look forward to two new projects from the group’s members. Quavo and Takeoff’s album, Only Built For Infinity Links, is due October 7, and Offset’s album is due November 11.