Lil Nas X Releases His ‘League Of Legends’ Worlds Anthem, ‘Star Walkin”

After teasing his new single “Star Walkin’” on his Long Live Montero Tour, Lil Nas X has officially released the track in conjunction with Riot Games as the League Of Legends Worlds anthem. A defiant, motivational track, “Star Walkin’” incorporates pop elements into a pulsating UK drill beat as Nas asserts, “They said I wouldn’t make it out alive / They told me I would never see the rise / That’s why I gotta kill ’em every time.”

The energetic track is pitch perfect for the competitive nature of League Of Legends and it’s easy to see why it was chosen — or purpose-built — to soundtrack the upcoming world championships for the game in Mexico City. Lil Nas X is scheduled to perform the song next week at the opening ceremony for Worlds and partnered with Riot Games to help create a skin for one of the game’s newest characters.

In a promo video for the partnership, Nas hilariously declares himself “President” of League, installing landline phones on all the desks with “Star Walkin’” as their ringtone. You can check that out below.

Lil Nas himself seems to be enjoying his Long Live Montero Tour, taking some of the bumps along the way in stride. When a group of protestors formed outside one of the most recent stops, he sent them pizza and joked that he fell in love with a “cute homophobic guy” who protested.