Nicki Minaj And JT Clear Up Rumors That They Have Beef Because Of Their Instagram Live

Nicki Minaj and JT were on an Instagram Live over the weekend when some drama came up. The “Super Bass” rapper had JT recite a diss track that she wrote about her years ago. The pair were having fun, but people in the chat interpreted it in different ways. Many thought that this should’ve sparked a fight between them, prompting JT to take to Twitter to tell fans to calm down.

“Y’all so delusional, EYE wanted to repeat the song I made in my car!” JT wrote on Twitter on Sunday. “We was LAUGHING the whole live like a phone convo… We talked about literally everything and it was all laughs.”

Minaj backed her up, writing, “Man f*ck these DUDS, babe. Everyone on the live KNOWS how DOPE it was from beginning to end. We were having fun, being silly.” She added, “It’s a lil freestyle she was actually MAKING UP OFF THE TOP OF HER HEAD IN HER HAR. Since y’all keep trying to pull her down, Ima go MAD hard for her. WATCH.”

JT then thanked her: “You don’t even have to, you do enough behind the scenes! You are so sweet to me! & relatable to me! Idk what’s not clicking & what got everybody so tight! But I can’t be pulled down about my genuine feelings ima say this 1,000 times…I love you…thank you.” At least that was resolved quick.