50 Cent Announces His Departure From His Partnership With Starz

In April, Curtis Jackson, alternatively known as 50 Cent, exclaimed that he only had five months left of his deal with the company Starz, about whom he shared some complaints in the past regarding their treatment. Today, he’s announced his departure from his partnership with the network.

Together, they worked on Power, the American crime drama television series that has been running for six seasons. The rapper made a post on social media on Saturday, September 17, stating this split. “This is my vibe right now!” he wrote. “STARZ deal done, we had nothing but success so no hard feelings… I’m out. I’ll let you know where we are going shortly.”

In our interview with Jackson earlier this year, he discussed social issues he you hoped to address with the show. “Coming into the town, [Tommy] interacts with who he would just run into,” he said. “It turns into a whole different thing, but in the future, you should expect him to see more of that culture that we are aware of coming into the show, but it comes in as a resource that he sees. When he’s under circumstances where he gets into something and he involves them to come as muscle.