Megan Thee Stallion (Still) Believes Fans Promote Most Beefs Between Female Rappers

In 2019, while still relatively early in her come-up to being the nationally recognized star she is today, Megan Thee Stallion noted that online stan wars appeared to be the source of much of the friction between female rappers. “A lot of beef between women gets started because of their fanbases,” she told Joe Budden on his podcast. She also provided her idea for a solution: “Let’s all get to know each other. Let’s be cool because when the fans see that girls are being nice to each other that makes them lessen that drama.”

Her perspective makes a lot of sense, considering she’s one of only a handful of newer rappers to have collaborated with both Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, who are usually the focal point of most of the toxic fan bickering on Twitter. This week, Megan appeared on another show — Yung Miami’s Caresha Please — and reiterated this viewpoint with her previous experience in mind. “Do you feel like y’all ever be in those type of predicaments, like you can’t work with somebody because you worked with somebody else?” she asked.

“I feel like, just friends in general when you know your friend might not feel so good about somebody, do you like, go out your way to be like, ‘Okay, bitch, I’m not f*cking with you. Period.’” While she acknowledged that loyalty is important, outside observers seem more interested in seeing artists throw away business opportunities in music. I feel like it be the fans more so than anybody,” she said. “They keep it up more than the actual artists and they got the world thinking something that’s not happening.”

Her words are especially poignant today after Cardi B was once again confronted with trolling from one of Nicki’s stans who accused her husband Offset of cheating on her with Saweetie. As Cardi pointed out, there was no evidence to support the claim, just attention-seeking behavior from a fan who hasn’t quite figured out that stars are people too. In 2020, Cardi also shared her view that fans try to instigate beef, saying, “When female artists are rising, you don’t have to put one down because the others are rising. Every single time a female rapper comes out, people wanna start fake beef.”

You can watch the full episode of Caresha Please above.

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