A DJ Khaled Question Prompts Calvin Harris To Explain What He Does And How He Gets Paid

Producer-led albums are far from a novelty in music, but they exist within different lanes. Some producers opt to provide the entirety of a project’s beats for artists to perform over, while others curate a collection of music by bringing in other masterminds in addition to rappers or singers. With the new release of DJ Khaled’s God Did, a fan questioned how compensation works when someone like him and Calvin Harris are known as DJs. Let’s just say, the Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2 artist came with the facts.

In a Friday morning (August 26) tweet, a fan asked, “I always wonder how DJs like Khaled and Calvin Harris make bread. Like all of their songs are other artists. Just production revenue?” This fan is surely not alone in this inquiry, as many do not understand the work that goes into these projects beyond what on the surface seems to not be much. The “Feel So Close” artist came across the tweet and showed why more respect should be put on his name by the unaware masses.

“Because I write, produce, mix, play every instrument and sometimes vocal. We found love, Summer, Feel so close for example 100% publishing because I did everything,” Harris said in a quote tweet. “Only reason I got Frank Ocean feature was he told me we found love was one of his favorite songs. I wrote that song.”

Now, any doubts can, or should, be put to bed as to what Calvin Harris is capable of. If the tweet isn’t enough, there is also his first two albums I Created Disco and Ready For The Weekend, from 2007 and 2009 respectively, where he shows his vocal chops with minimal features.

Check out the exchange between Calvin Harris and the fan above.