City Girls’s JT Is Brought To Tears In The Upcoming Episode Of Revolt’s ‘Caresha Please’

City Girls, comprised of JT and Yung Miami, are a truly dynamic duo. They possess the charisma, popularity, talent and work ethic to go as far as they see fit because both members bring a lot to the table. Over the last few months, we’ve seen Miami pursue a new solo venture in her Revolt show Caresha Please, with memorable interviews featuring her boyfriend Diddy as well as Kevin Gates. This week’s episode, releasing on Thursday, August 11, will include her partner-in-rap JT and the enigmatic Saucy Santana. Though they all have fun-loving personalities, the trailer for the episode shows JT getting emotional.

The official Revolt Twitter account shared a nearly minute-long clip ahead of the episode where Santana can be heard telling JT how talented she is and questioning why she won’t “do nothing,” though it’s unclear whether these are his personal thoughts or the thoughts of some fans. As Saucy Santana says this, JT is shown wiping tears from her face.

As the clip continues, Yung Miami says “Oh, I’m not thinking ‘I’m gon’ do this sh*t without JT.’ People love us as a group and we’re stronger as a group. We’re stronger together.” JT replies with “Why the f*ck are y’all doing that?” which comes off as if the conversation was about people wondering if the duo might break up. It’s a natural thought to have when a member of a group begins to do their own thing, especially as music history has shown that very thing has led to the demise of many a group. However, these thoughts may be a bit premature.

The trailer also shows the three laughing with one another and JT doing her best Yung Miami impression, so whoever has questions about the City Girls’ future will simply have to wait until Thursday for the full discussion.

Check out the promotional clip above.