Coheed And Cambria’s Frontman Claudio Sanchez Thinks They Could Put On A Unique Concert In Fortnite

Coheed and Cambria’s frontman, Claudio Sanchez, surprisingly is not the kind of person to embrace being personable with others. In an interview with the Washington Post, Sanchez dove deep into how he has been using Twitch as a way to embrace being a little more open with fans of his band. It is a really interesting example of a star in a completely different industry using something like Twitch as practice for their main career.

Amidst the interview though, Sanchez did drop one really interesting tidbit about his game of choice, Fortnite. Sanchez has seen other stars of music, such as Ariana Grande, get virtual Twitch concerts and while he’s not demanding that Epic Games put his band into Fortnite, he thinks Coheed and Cambria could put on a pretty unique show.

“I don’t know if we’re at that place where ‘Fortnite’ would be like, ‘Yeah, let’s throw a Coheed and Cambria concert,’” said Sanchez. “That being said, I think we do have all the assets to create something pretty interesting with ‘The Amory Wars,’ the ‘Vaxis’ story, characters, music. There’s something there I think we have that others might not.”

While Fortnite has never publicly considered Coheed and Cambria, that is something they may want to reconsider because they have a hardcore fanbase that would absolutely turn out for a virtual concert. It would also be an opportunity for Epic Games to break out into doing something a little different with their in-game concerts. So far they’ve mainly focused on showing huge megastars like Grande, but maybe with a little variety, we could have a chance at an entire music festival being hosted in-game.

As for Sanchez, anyone interested in catching him on Twitch needs to do it while he’s actually live. He doesn’t keep VODs or upload his streams to YouTube so it really is one of those “had to be there” moments whenever he does something.