Cardi B And Offset Manifest Their Homeowner Dreams In A Cute Photoshoot

After disabling her Twitter account earlier this year, Cardi B returned to social media a few weeks later with a more restrained approach, seemingly only interacting with fan accounts’ positive posts and only posting the occasional promo or cute baby pic. Now, it seems she’s taken to sharing affirmations, tweeting out a relatively straightforward photo in casual clothes with the caption, “Took a picture in this house I want to buy ….to remind myself to go harder …watch me get it.”

Her husband Offset, who has traditionally been way less online than she has over the years, even dusted off his account to help her manifest her goal. “Damn you really want this house,” he replied with a quote tweet. “Don’t worry we gone get it !!”

It certainly seems the couple is in a better place than they were earlier in their marriage. While the first year or so after their nuptials were fraught with fights, accusations of infidelity, and multiple(!) divorce threats, these days, they’ve been putting on pretty public displays of affection, from Offset cracking fond jokes about Cardi’s cooking to Cardi giving a seductive pole dance to Offset while on vacation. They even have plans to record an album together. They might not be the next Bey-Z (yet), but if ‘Set’s been spending his days in marital bliss, it’s probably no wonder Quavo and Takeoff are out being single (and recording singles) without him.