A Beyonce-Themed Traffic Report By A Philly News Anchor Turns Her Song Titles Into Funny-Bad Puns

We all know that Beyonce is borderline ubiquitous at this point. Whenever she releases new music, the world stops, and everyone from Diane Warren to Monica Lewinsky weighs in on her creative choices. Even Fox News, which normally pretends that Black women don’t even exist until they need to prop up a wannabe fascist strongman with disingenuous sock puppet theater, gets in on the action, using her as a straw woman to tsk-tsk about declining moral standards (the irony!).

So naturally, with Beyonce’s new album Renaissance out now and dominating the discourse, low-key Beyonce stans are finding all kinds of creative ways to show their excitement. In Philadelphia, NBC reporter Sheila Watko said that she “had to celebrate Bey Day,” so she crammed her morning traffic report with as many of Bey’s song titles as she could get away with turning them into a stream of cheeky, funny-bad puns. While “Formation” and “Heated” seem like low-hanging fruit, it’s pretty impressive how she sneaks in titles like “Beautiful Liar” and “Crazy In Love” — especially off the top of her head. A convenient counter keeps track; she makes it all the way to 15 before her co-anchors offer some relief, contributing a few Beyonce references of their own to complete the clip. You can check it out below.