Lizzo Was Moved To Tears Watching A Young Fan Dance To ‘About Damn Time’ In A Viral Video

A young Lizzo fan got some viral attention recently, as a video shared by her mother of her dancing to “About Damn Time” has racked up over 360,000 views on TikTok, with a second featuring more dancing attracting over 420,000 plays. The moves even caught the attention of Lizzo herself, who was moved to tears by them.

Lizzo stitched that first video on TikTok, showing herself smiling and covering her mouth as she’s seemingly on the verge of getting emotional.

In a follow-up video, Lizzo has tears coming from her eyes as she explains, “I’m like… still processing that feeling of, like… you never think when you’re making music, you have an effect on people or you have an impact on people’s lives, and… it’s like, this is literally why I do it. I’m so grateful that people take my music and do good things with it. It makes them move, it makes them dance, it makes them happy, it makes them feel confidence in themselves. I don’t care about all the other sh*t. The numbers: I don’t give a sh*t. That video is my Grammy right there. That is my award and I’m so grateful.”


#duet with @dcromwelldc50 im crying cus this is EXACTLY why i do what I do 😭😭😭😭 i love you! Keep that confidence and beauty— no one can stop you!

♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo


#stitch with @lizzo I LOVE YALL

♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

After Lizzo’s reaction, the girl’s mother shared a video of her and her daughter thanking fans for the support. The mom also noted how emotional the video made Lizzo and asked her daughter why she thinks that happened. The mom explained, “Because all she wants to do is be an inspiration to little girls like you. Right? And we love watching her videos, right?”

Check out all of the heartwarming clips above.

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