Nas Said Lauryn Hill Laughed When She Heard Fans’ Surprised Reaction To Her ‘King’s Disease II’ Verse

Nas has been on a hot streak of late, with last year’s comeback collaboration with Hit Boy, King’s Disease and the very quick sequel, King’s Disease II that dropped earlier this month. Part of the excitement around part two of this release was the guest features he was able to score, because he’s hip-hop royalty, and fans damn near lost their minds over his collaboration with Eminem on “EPMD 2” — the first time these two legendary MCs have been on record together.

But another high-profile feature, from the semi-retired legend Lauryn Hill, had fans equally impressed that Nas could draw a verse from her. Speaking with Ebro Darden for Apple Music’s show Rap Life, Nas explained his relationship with the reclusive star. “I hit her up, ‘Yo, this is crazy. People are asking me like, how did I get you on a record,’” Nas said. “She’s laughing like, ‘What do you mean? We just had a tour like, a few years ago.,’” he told Ebro. “She’s like, ‘All my life is right now is concerned with my freedom.’ That’s a different individual. That’s her first line. She’s not out here playing games, man. Thank you, Ms. Hill.”

Check out their conversation below.

Meanwhile, Nas is already teasing King’s Disease 3, and praising his producer Hit Boy as a “Quincy Jones”-style figure.