Kanye West Claims That His Label Released ‘Donda’ Without His Approval

Well, things just got a bit interesting.

On Sunday morning, Kanye West’s long-awaited tenth album Donda was released to the world. It came after three listening sessions in the span of one month and several delays that left fans doubtful that the project would ever release.

Lucky for them, that changed today as Donda and its 27 songs are available for a listen on all streaming platforms. According to the rapper himself, however, the project did not arrive in the way he would’ve liked as he shared an Instagram post claiming that his label released the album without his permission.

“Universal put my album out without my approval and they blocked Jail 2 from being on the album,” an image the rapper shared read. In addition to his own label, GOOD Music, West also calls Def Jam Recordings home, a label that Universal Music Group owns.

West’s post seemingly explains why “Jail, Pt. 2,” which features DaBaby and Marilyn Manson, was not on Donda at its initial release around 8 am EST on Sunday morning. The issue was corrected just a few hours later as “Jail, Pt. 2” was added to the album on all streaming services.

Furthermore, West’s message could also mean that Donda was not intended to be released today. The rapper has spent more than a month making changes to the album while holding listening sessions for it in both Atlanta and Chicago. Either way, I’m sure West’s fans are very happy the album was released today after quite the wait.

You can view a screenshot of West’s Instagram post above.