SOURCE SPORTS: LeBron James Wasn’t Too Happy to Lose Veteran Jared Dudley

LeBron James knows first hand how important veteran players are to your roster. When you lose a real OG, it could have ramifications down the line.

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Veteran forward Jared Dudley has reportedly agreed to a deal to become an assistant coach for the Dallas Mavericks. Dudley will join the staff of former Lakers assistant Jason Kidd, who is now the head coach of the Mavs.

James, who had been teammates with Dudley for the last two seasons, wasn’t happy and his reaction proved it.


Dudley was a member of the Lakers for the past two seasons, logging a total of 445 minutes in 57 appearances. His presence clearly was more important to the Lakers and James behind the scenes. Looks like the Mavs got a real one in Dudley for their coaching staff.