SOURCE SPORTS: JR Smith Is Over The Henny Jokes

JR Smith is back in school and apparently over the Henny joke.

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The former NBA swingman recently enrolled at North Carolina A&T State University with his sights set on earning a degree in liberal studies. Smith also has some cool plans to participate in athletics at the HBCU.

A student at the university saw Smith on campus this week and posted a video to TikTok with the caption, “He probably off the Henny right now.”


In response to the since-deleted Instagram post, which showed him walking through campus with the caption “He really off the Henny rn,” Smith called on House of Highlights to do better.

“Ight that Henny shit really not funny tho can y’all try a different joke,” Smith wrote, adding that he harbors no ill will to the student who took the original video. “Not really mad at the kid honestly they gone say whatever but [House of Highlights] the disrespect y’all post it’s truly enough. As a Black man in America y’all still can’t move on from the bullshit that people continue to put on your name! Not one positive post about going to school an trying to better myself! Y’all make it look so weak/corney to inspire my people to want to do better you consistently bring up an post bullshit.”

The Hennessy jokes was cool when Smith was shirtless celebration helping the Cleveland Cavaliers win an NBA championship in 2016, but for now, Smith just wishes people would let it go.