Lil Nas X Brushes Off Boosie’s Homophobia With A Dismissive, Defiant Tweet

Earlier today, popular New York radio show The Breakfast Club interviewed veteran Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz about his recent rant about Lil Nas X. During the interview, Boosie complained indirectly about so-called “cancel culture,” expressing his belief that “straight people… don’t have any opinion” — conveniently overlooking the offensive, homophobic language he used while sharing that opinion, which didn’t need to be shared in the first place.

While granting such a platform to Boosie could be seen as pretty irresponsible on the part of Power 105.1 and The Breakfast Club, Lil Nas X himself was dismissively nonchalant in his own response. While he initially fell back on his trademark strategy of piggybacking on negative publicity to promote his latest single “Industry Baby,” later, he directly addressed the comments, defiantly reminding his followers of the impact such comments could have while shrugging them off at the same time.

“The sh* y’all say about me would drive me crazy if i didn’t already love myself,” he wrote. He also revealed recently that it was only after releasing “Montero” that he felt he needed security, largely because of the sort of comments that folks like Boosie made in the wake of the song’s controversial success. While Nas definitely courted that controversy by pushing boundaries, he had previously detailed how he struggled with his sexuality and his hopes that making songs like “Montero” and “Sun Goes Down” would help others in the future.